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There are numerous peripheral neuropathy treatment choices for patients at the Greenville, Spartanburg & Anderson region. Peripheral neuropathy usually means the nerve endings in the feet or hands aren’t working correctly. Clinical presentations may include numbness, fatigue, and burning pain.

If the nerve endings in the feet are far more seriously involved there might be slow or open to cure skin sores. If the palms are involved problem performing ordinary tasks such as holding things, manipulating door keys, or having the ability to tell if tap hot water could be an issue.

The most common type is peripheral neuropathy requires the little, sensory nerve pathways. The bigger fibers are responsible for engine control. Determined by which nerve fibers are involved distinct symptoms happen. Most frequently however physicians just can not figure out why somebody has neuropathy.

In such cases the little, sensory nerve fibers are the first to get involved. In early instances people frequently don’t even know they are having trouble. Perhaps they went into the physician with low back pain simply to discover during electric nerve testing (EMG and nerve conduction testing) there was a problem found from the sensory nerves at the feet.

More innovative nerve testing to the sympathetic nerves involves using thermal imaging or sympathetic skin reaction testing. Other diagnostic approaches comprise nerve wracking of skin and Sweat Gland evaluations. Depending upon the consequences of nerve testing follow up studies of the vasculature or lab searching for different motives for your neuropathy might be accomplished too.

Treatment is dependent on the type of neuropathy discovered but commonly is directed at restoring functioning (as soon as the motor components have been involved) or decreasing pain.

When the sensory nerves are seriously involved then it’s also extremely important to instruct patients about skincare in the order they don’t have an ulcer. These may be quite tough to cure.

There are numerous drugs that tackle neuropathy pain, nevertheless all of them include their own set of side effects and therefore are only somewhat successful in supplying relief. Nerve blocks may be especially useful, particularly when treatment of these nerves nearer to the back or at the backbone have a direct effect on symptoms.

Laser treatment, when correctly employed to involved skin areas, can actually reverse physical examination findings. Additionally, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Stem Cell shots have revealed quite a lot of recent guarantee.

While we aren’t quite sure why these shots (or grafts) function we do understand that when correctly put they could cause new blood vessel development from the extremities. That of course may result in both pain loss and regeneration.

This can be an exciting and promising treatment alternative. In case you’ve got peripheral neuropathy, it’s a fantastic idea to research your options and find a physician with specialized experience in its identification and treatment.

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